Halloween Artists

These Are Some of the Dark and Whimsical Artists I admire.

I love their work and wanted to throw some love their way.

    Chad Savage Halloween Art Envy

Chad Savage

Chad Savage Has loved Halloween since he was a small child. As You can see to the left his work is darkly delicious. Go Check out his website and get yourself some awesome Halloween art. https://shopsinister.com

Sumner Crenshaw

Crenshaw's work is dark and twisted in a creepy abstract way and I love it. Her work used to hang in a gallery I worked in and loved checking out and so will you. http://www.sumnercrenshaw.com/ 

Alexander Jensson Story Book Illustrator

Alexander Jansson

Jansson is an illustration artist working mostly in Photoshop creating mixed media works that can be found in books, calendars, and prints on his website. http://www.alexanderjansson.com/

Artist chroma coma Teddy print


My name is W. Andrew Sheppard and I am a self-taught artist that primarily works in cray-pas (oil pastels). Please contact me for commission inquirie www.chromacoma.storenvy.com

Artist little punk people

Little Punk People

We are a family of three who love to make people smile with our contributions to the beautiful world of art and entertainment. www.littlepunkpeople.net

The Creepy Art of Jeremiah Crow Grendel

Jeremiah Crow

Within the haunted pages of his website are the creations of a Madman, a Charlatan, and a complete Nut Case who believes that his Moonshine Still was stolen by a pack of Bionic Werewolves.  www.jeremiahcrow.com

The Flatwoods Monster  Kristen Puckett

Kristen Puckett

I work mainly with ink and clay, but also paint with acrylics, sew, and use linoleum block cuts from time to time. My subjects are narrative driven, revolving around fantastical, surreal, or folk subjects. I try to make each piece special and meaningful to myself and others. www.egertronpuck.weebly.com

Bbril Andrade Artist


Abril Andrade

Abril  is well known allover the world for her cute, dark, intense Pop Surrealism work.  Her work can be found internationally in tattoo shops, galleries, Boutiques  and private art collections.  Abril has been featured and published by multiple times in major magazines.



Trick or Treat Cat Skull Pickled Punks

Pickled Punks

So step right up, ladies and gents, boys and girls- into a world of wonder, a panorama of the strange, the bizarre the....adorable!  It's Pickled Punks Plush and it's guaranteed fun for all ages!" 


Jelly Koe

Jellykoe is a husband and wife creative team made up of Kelly and Spencer Shull.  It is based in Columbia, SC. 


Coming soon links to other creepy artists you'll love.

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