Hello spooky cats! Today, I'm going to take you on a ghostly tour of the George Washington Hotel, a historic hotel in downtown Winchester, Virginia. This hotel has a rich history and a lot of spirits to explore. Here are some stories I learned about the history and hauntings at the George Washington Hotel.

The History

The hotel was built in 1924 by The American Hotel Corporation, as part of their "Colonial Chain" of hotels. It was originally built in the shape of an "L", with a rear one-story kitchen wing. It contained 102 rooms and 45 baths. In 1929, The American Hotel Corporation added a wing to the hotel, which provided 50 more guestrooms and gave the structure the shape of a "C".

The hotel was the headquarters of the Shenandoah Apple Blossom Festival. Notable guests include Lucille Ball, Jack Dempsey, Cornel Sanders, and many others.

The hotel closed in 1978 and operated as a retirement home - The George Washington Home for Adults - from 1978 to 1993. The property then remained vacant for eleven years.

The hotel was purchased and restored in 2004 and reopened in April 2008. It was listed on the National Register of Historic Places in 2010. It has 90 guestrooms, an indoor pool and hot tub, fitness room, and a restaurant. 

In the early 1950s, Colonel Harland Sanders, the legendary founder of Kentucky Fried Chicken, stayed at the George Washington Hotel in Winchester, Virginia. Legend has it that, in a moment of camaraderie, Sanders hinted at his secret recipe of 11 herbs and spices to a night auditor. Whether it was the ambiance of the historic hotel or the late-night quiet that led to this rare disclosure, the night auditor was left with a memorable encounter, pondering if he had just learned a part of the culinary world's most closely guarded secret.

Possible Hauntings

Lucille Ball and Jack Dempsey: The famous comedienne and boxer were among the notable guests of the hotel when it was the headquarters of the Shenandoah Apple Blossom Festival. They enjoyed the hospitality and the entertainment of the hotel, and may still visit from time to time.

Nazi Field Marshal Erwin Rommel: According to legend, Rommel was one of a number of German military leaders who spent time in the area studying the military tactics of Confederate General Stonewall Jackson. He may have visited the hotel during his stay and left behind some traces of his presence.

The Patton Brothers: The Patton Brothers were two Confederate generals who fought in several battles during the Civil War. Their marker in Mount Hebron Cemetery, which is near the hotel, has some reported activity with a lone figure seen near it. Wearing a military greatcoat and peaked hat, the figure walks towards the marker and disappears.

There’s a story about a guest in room 301 who requested another room after hearing disembodied voices. No other rooms were available, so he slept in the lobby. The guest still stays at the hotel, but not in room 301.

There are also reports of guests hearing footsteps on the roof, and of a child’s footprints that appeared overnight in the middle of a freshly painted floor, with no other footprints leading to or away from them.

On a stormy night, an employee was working at the front desk of the George Washington Hotel in Winchester, Virginia, when a couple arrived seeking a room. They were assigned to room 224 and escorted by a bellhop to the floor. As they reached their room, a flash of lightning revealed a long, dark hallway with flickering lights. The bell hop informed them they were the only guests in the hotel, but as he left, he glanced a mysterious figure at the end of the hall, which disappeared as the lightning flashed.

The hotel's haunting history dates back to September 16, 1859, when Reverend Lewis Eichelberger, a Lutheran pastor, died in his home, which once stood at the site of the current hotel. His death was accompanied by a storm, similar to the one that night in 1963 when the couple stayed at the hotel.

As the couple prepared for bed, the man heard loud coughing in the hallway. Looking through the peephole, he saw a dark figure. When he opened the door, he saw an old man with dark, sunken eyes who vanished into a doorway. The next morning, the clerk confirmed there were no other guests and identified the figure as Reverend Eichelberger, who haunts the hotel, particularly near room 208. The Reverend's spirit still wanders through the halls.

This eerie tale adds to the George Washington Hotel's reputation as a haunted location, with sightings of Reverend Eichelberger continuing to intrigue and spook guests and staff.

During our paranormal investigation, we stay in room 208, one of the most haunted rooms. You'll have to watch the video to find out just how haunted the room is.

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