I'm Using My 101 Haunted Travels Bucket List Journal to Plan Some Spooky Trips #ghosthunting #ghostadventures #horrorcommunity

Are you ready to get spooky? It’s time for me to start searching for the best local ghost hunting locations! Exploring unknown, eerie places will be a fun thing to do on the weekends. I’ll start close to home and move further out so get ready for some serious ghost-hunting adventures!

I'll store all the information I collect on my hunts in the journal I created for Amazon KDP. I created the 101 Haunted Travels Bucket List Journal in Canva, which is a great place to create medium content books.


You can write down all sorts of haunted locations and attractions in the journal. You can get a copy on Amazon or from this website if you like ghost hunting. So get ready for some spooky adventures and plan your ghost hunting trips with my bucket list journal!

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