Will They Lift The Testing Requirements On Cruise Ships? #cruisenews

Will They Lift The Testing Requirements On Cruise Ships?

On July 18, 2022 the CDC said they were no longer going to monitor cruise ships. Does this mean the cruise ships are free to make any polices they like? Will they drop the testing and vaccination requirements? Two small cruise lines have already dropped the testing and are allowing a limited amount of unvaccinated guests.

As much as I dislike the testing, I don't think it should be dropped just yet. Knowing everyone has been tested does help you feel a little better about being on a cruise ship. Especially since cruise ships had problems with break outs before the pandemic happened. Remember Norovirus? I'm sure the crew who are still being made to wear masks on the boat feel better if everyone is tested as well. We just went on a cruise in June and the crew were all wearing double masks. I feel bad for them.

I know this will be a very unpopular opinion. But I feel most people are thinking about themselves and their own comfort and not about the good of everyone. To each their own as they say. 

A popular YouTuber who does cruise news on his channel mentioned how people were upset that he chose to wear a mask while waiting in a crowded line to get on his cruise. I also get comments on my travel videos telling me to take off my mask. What happened to freedom people? You have your freedom to not wear masks and not get vaccinated. I should have the same freedom to do the opposite. Please leave us to do what we want to do and you can do the same.

Here's one of my latest cruise videos on Adventure of the Seas. I hope you find it helpful to your cruise planning.



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