Travel: Japan Air is Pretty Cool to Fly If You are Going to Japan

The flight was 14 hours to Japan nonstop from Boston. We landed in Narita about an hour away from Tokyo. There are plenty of ways to get to Tokyo: bus, train, and taxi.

We got two meals on the flight and both were good considering it was airplane food. I'm sorry I'm talking really low in the video . Hopefully you can hear me. I was trying to be polite and not a crazy loud person.The plane was mostly Japanese people and they tend to not talk on public transport so I was trying not to be annoying on the flight.

There were plenty of movies to watch. I watched Godzilla. I also read a manga Tokyo Ghoul which I liked. It was really warm on the plane, maybe 80 degrees. I don't know if that is normal, but you may want to dress light. It was very uncomfortable and I couldn't sleep because of how warm it was on the plane.

I loved the windows. You can adjust their tent from normal window to so black you can't see out window. This was nice since it was day the entire flight. We flew over the North Pole and Russia which was cool.

I recommend Japan Air If You are going to Japan, one of the best airlines I've been on.

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