Symphony of the Seas Cabin 6306 Room Review 2022 #symphonyoftheseas #royalcaribbean #cruisevlog

  1. Symphony of the Seas Cabin 6306 Room Review 2022

In the video below I walk through cabin 6306 on Royal Caribbean's ship Symphony of the Seas. The room has a balcony so if you are wondering if you should get a balcony or save the money, you can check this video out and see if you think a balcony is worth the extra money. We love balcony rooms and would find it hard to go back to interior rooms.

Here are some important things to know about cabins on Royal Caribbean ships. 

  1. There are very few plugs in the room and they tend to not be near the bed.
  2. Surge protectors are not allowed only regular power strips.
  3. The fridge in the room is not a fridge. It is only a cooler and not good for storing food.
  4. There are no plugs in the bathroom.
  5. There is a hairdryer but they are not very good.
  6. The walls are made of metal so you can use magnet hooks and other types of magnet gadgets.
  7. Suit cases can fit under the bed if you need more room.
  8. There is nothing in the room with the time or an alarm on it. You'll want to bring something. Cell phone normally works.
  9. It gets really dark in the room especially if you are in an interior room so bring some kind of night light if you don't like pitch black.
  10. On Symphony there was no clothes line in the bathroom so you may want to bring clips to hang wet clothes for drying.
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