Should You Buy the Royal Caribbean Unlimited Specialty Dining Package Symphony of the Seas? #royalcaribbean #symphony of the seas #cruiseship

Should You Buy the Royal Caribbean Unlimited Specialty Dining Package on Symphony of the Seas?

Hello guys! Some of you might be thinking, I thought food was unlimited on a cruise. Well, you are right, it is. You can go on your cruise and never pay a dime extra. On Royal Caribbean you can eat in the main dining room, Sorrento's, El Loco Fresh, Boardwalk Dog House, and many more and not pay anything. But cruises have been adding what they call specialty dining in addition to the included dining.  

You do have to pay for the specialty dining, normally around $39 to $49 per person. You can pay for an unlimited package before the cruise and save money. We paid $210 each and went to specialty restaurants for lunch and dinner every night except one night. We were very glad we got the package because service in the main dining room didn't look like it was going well on Symphony. My guess, they were understaffed. 

All the specialty dining on symphony of the seas royal caribbean

The one night we did go to the main dining room we had to wait to be seated even though we had a reservation. It was the same on Anthem as well. Both ships we booked my time dining and it seemed like a mess. On Enchantment, we are giving traditional main dining a chance again. That means every night we eat at the same time, at the same table, with the same wait staff, and possibly the same diner mates each night. Not looking forward to eating with strangers, unless they happen to vloggers like me. Also, not looking forward to eating at 8:15 pm every night. We are old now and in bed by 9pm most nights. Sad I know.

If you would like a copy of my free cruise planner, you can click the link below:

Spooky Cat Lady's Cruise Planner

Enjoy the video and I hope you find it helpful.

In the video we talk about going to all the bars on Symphony of the seas. There are 23 of them. We ended up not going to all the bars because my husband hit PRIME level in the casino. At prime level you get free drinks in the casino so it seemed silly to buy drinks when you get free ones. But, if you would like to hit every bar, here is a list.

All the bars on Symphony of the Seas Royal Caribbean

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