Sea Day on Royal Caribbean's Adventure of the Seas 2022 #royalcaribbean #cruiseship #adventureoftheseas

Sea Day on Royal Caribbean's Adventure of the Seas 2022

On this sea day we start out at the main dining room for breakfast. Yes. You can eat breakfast in the main dining room. I'm surprised how many people don't know you can have breakfast and lunch in the main dining room for free. They all go to the buffet instead.

However, I do remember main dining room breakfast being better in the past. I think staffing problems are affecting the quality. 

Next, we participated in the blackjack tournament. It costs $25 and is a lot of fun. Somehow, I actually won. Beginners luck, I guess.

Main dining room lunch was next. And again, I remember it being better in the past. I hope they get the quality back up again. It is still better than the buffet unless it is Indian food night.

We drank a lot of Unlimited Alcoholic drinks since we had the drink package. I'd only recommend getting the package if you can drink more than 6 drinks a day. I cannot do that. So, we visited a lot of bars on our sea day.

We went to the Ice-Skating Show and won a handpay in the casino to end the night. I liked the ice show, and my husband was thrilled to finally win a handpay.

And those were only a few of the activities to do.

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