New Royal Caribbean Main Dining Room Menu: What's On It and Was It Good

As a frequent cruiser, I was excited to hear Royal Caribbean updated their main dining room menu. I was also a bit hesitant, as  I heard many of the old favorites were removed in order to speed up service. But, I was determined to give it a fair shot, so my husband and I opted for traditional dining for the first time since 2018 on our recent cruise aboard Enchantment of the Seas.

The first thing I noticed when we received the menus was it wasn't completely different. Many of the old standbys like escargot and shrimp cocktail were available, just not every night. The menu featured a different theme each evening like UK night and Italian night which sounded interesting, and I noticed an Indian dish was available every night. I love Indian food so that was what I ordered almost every night. I was surprised because in the past the only place to get Indian food was in Windjammers.

I was happy with the speed of the service in the dining room. The meals did come faster than our last cruises on Symphony and Anthem. Each dish was well prepared and presented, and the flavors were good. Some of the dishes like the Balinese spaghetti was lukewarm and not hot. Our table mates reported the same about their food. My husband received some extra protein in his Caesars salad one of the nights when he found a bug. We are understanding people and did not make a big deal out of it, but we have experienced other quality control issues, even at the specialty dining which you pay extra for.

I feel like there was a good mix of the old and new dishes to choose from. I took a picture of the new menus each night in case you are interested.

I was surprised by some of the new main dining room menu items. The new offerings were flavorful and well-prepared. Some of them could have been hotter. Overall, I am not upset about the change like some people. t has sped up service for dinner. Now they need to work on breakfast and lunch.

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