Last Day on Royal Caribbean's Liberty of the Seas

Ahoy there, mateys! 🏴‍☠️ Let me tell you about the time I set sail on the grand vessel, the Liberty of the Seas. It's not just a ship; it's a floating paradise where the adventure never ends and the food is as vast as the ocean itself! The video below will show you what our last sea day was like and how disembarkation day works.

**All Aboard the Pool Deck!**
From the moment I stepped aboard, I knew I was in for a treat. The Tidal Wave, the first boomerang style slide at sea looked like a lot of fun. The Perfect Storm - a duo of water slides named Typhoon and Cyclone also captured my attention. Unfortunately, the weather did not cooperate and it was cold and raining most of our trip. That sometimes happens so be prepared on your cruise. 

 I did get to lace up my skates at the onboard ice skating rink and channeled my inner figure skater (or at least tried to). And there was a nice area for the kiddos, Splashaway Bay was a watery wonderland with slides, water cannons, and an enormous drench bucket that kept the laughter and splashes coming. This area is featured in the video above!

**Feast Like a Captain!**
Let's talk grub. The Windjammer Marketplace was great for a quick and hearty meal with views of the endless blue sea. For a more elegant affair, We dined in the main dining rooms - Rembrandt, Michelangelo, and Botticelli - where the chandeliers sparkled almost as much as the water outside the oversized windows. In the video above we ate lunch in the main dining room. You can see what's on the menu! 

Breakfast was a royal affair with cooked-to-order eggs and a parade of pastries, while lunch offered everything from burgers to enchiladas, complete with a salad bar where a chef tossed my greens the way I like 'em. Dinner? Oh, dinner was a flexible feast with the, My Time Dining option, giving me the freedom to eat whenever I fancied, sort of. You do have to book it before boarding the ship to get the times you prefer. You can do this on the Royal Caribbean app or the website. If you wait until you board the ship My Time Dining may already be full or only times you do not want will be available.

And for those moments when I craved a slice of cheesy heaven, Sorrento's Pizza was my savior. Their New York-style pizza had the right amount of gooey mozzarella and toppings to make any sailor sing. But when I was in the mood for a fiesta, Sabor Modern Mexican served up tacos and ceviches that had my taste buds dancing the salsa. Sabor does have an extra cost. You can save money by booking it before boarding the ship.

**Sips Ahoy!**
After a day of adventure, I found myself at R Bar, sipping on a classic Old Fashioned in a setting that took me back to the golden age of cruising. And for the wine enthusiasts, Vintages offered a world tour one glass at a time. If my husband craved beer, the English Pub had a pint with his name on it, and the tunes at the Schooner Bar were the perfect accompaniment to a laid-back evening of drinking chocolate martinis.

My tale of the Liberty of the Seas. It's a ship where every day is a bold adventure, and every meal is a discovery of flavors. Down in the comments let me know your adventures aboard her.

If you are interested, I have a whole playlist on Youtube featuring our five night cruise on Liberty of the Seas. Check it out at @spookycatladytravels on Youtube to learn more about the ship and Bermuda!

Until we meet again, keep the wind in your sails and the buffet in your sights! 🚢🍽️

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