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Is It Worth Getting the Unlimited Drink Package on Royal Caribbean

It might not be if you like to gamble. Gamble enough and you'll get free drinks at the casino bar for a year. My husband earned the free drinks while we were on Symphony and they gave me free drinks as well, which was surprising! Now we will go to the casino on our cruises if we want alcoholic drinks.

But while we were on Adventure, we did not earn this perk yet, so we did get the unlimited alcoholic drink package. It cost us about $400 each and you have to drink about six alcoholic drinks a day to make it worth it. I'm not a big drinker so I found this hard to do. Near the end of our five-day cruise, I was tired of alcohol. You can use the package toward regular drinks like soda and coffee, too, but there are enough other drinks available for free that I didn't feel I needed the package for regular drinks either. I'm not a big soda drinker and you can get coffee, juice, chocolate milk, etc. for free.  

To get the free drinks at the casino bar you have to make it to prime level in the casino royale club by using your sea pass when you play games. You'll have to play $2500, but that includes the winnings you play as well so it is not as bad as it sounds.  You'll also get a free cruise. There's that perk, too. In the end you'll get your money's worth back.

Even if you don't make it to prime level, if you spend enough, you'll start to get complementary cruise offers in the mail. Don't throw them away they are real. You'll pay taxes, port fees, and prepaid gratuity. Which for us came to $270 total for both of us, an insane deal for a seven-night cruise on Symphony. 

Don't know how long those deals will last, but we are still getting them now. As more people start to cruise, they may go away or be less frequent. 

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