Hauntingly Fun Things to do in Gettysburg Pennsylvania

Gettysburg, a town where the echoes of the past linger in every shadowed corner, whispering tales of the long-departed. As the sun dips below the horizon, painting the sky in hues of twilight, I find myself drawn to the eerie allure of this historic town, seeking out the most spine-tingling experiences it has to offer. Join me, if you dare, on a ghostly adventure through Gettysburg's most haunted activities.

**The Museum of Haunted Objects** beckons with its cursed artifacts and possessed dolls. Each exhibit, a chilling testament to the supernatural, leaves me with a shiver running down my spine. The air is thick with cold inside one of the otherworldly chests they acquired, and I can't help but feel the gaze of unseen eyes upon me as I browse the collection of dolls. The exhibitors do not allow photography or videography of their creepy treasures, but I can tell you they were interesting.

At the **Jennie Wade House**, I glare at the cannon ball still stuck in the side of the home, a stark reminder of the home's tragic past. They say Jennie's spirit still wanders through the rooms, and as I stand outside the house, I swear I can see the faint outline of her in a period dress. Adventurous souls can pay $250 to spend two hours at night in the house searching for ghosts, if you dare! But if you are not that brave, you can join the tour during the safety of daylight.

The **Orphanage** is a place of sorrowful spirits, where the cries of children once echoed through the halls. Now, only their spectral whispers remain, a haunting melody that tells of their untimely fates. As our tour guide explains what happened behind those walls, I can feel the weight of the children's stories pressing in around me. Like the Jenny Wade house, for $250 you can enter the old orphanage for two hours at night and conduct a paranormal investigation.

**Ghost City Tours** offers a lantern-lit journey into the night, where history and hauntings intertwine. With each step, I am transported back in time, my path illuminated by the flickering flame, guiding me through tales of the macabre. The tour is located near the historic Gettysburg Hotel. Their tour guide will transport you back in time. You can get a taste of this tour in the video!

But the ghostly escapades do not end there. I find myself drawn to the **Sachs Covered Bridge**, where the spirits of three soldiers are said to linger, trapped on the bridge where they were hung. The **Devil's Den** awaits with its rocky crevices and the echoes of battle cries that still haunt the air.

The **Tillie Pierce House Inn** offers a room with a view... into the afterlife. It's said that the spirits of soldiers still seek solace within its walls. And at the **Daniel Lady Farm**, the past feels almost tangible, as if stepping through the door transports you back to the days of the Civil War.

As I wander through the **Farnsworth House Inn**, the whispers of the past grow louder, each room holding its own ghostly secrets.

And in the **Gettysburg Hotel**, it's not just the living guests you'll be sharing your stay with. A nurse still searches the drawers for bandages and supplies to help the wounded. You might return to your room and find all the drawers open. You can experience our ghost hunt at the Gettysburg Inn below!

My night concludes with a visit to the **Baladerry Inn**, where the boundary between this world and the next seems to blur. Here, the spirits are not stories; they are as real as the chill that runs down your spine.

So, there you have it, my fellow thrill-seekers and ghost hunters. Gettysburg is a town where the past is never truly gone, and the spirits are always waiting to tell their tales. Will you join me in uncovering the mysteries that lurk in the shadows? Or will you watch from the sidelines, safe in the light of day? The choice is yours, but remember, in Gettysburg, the ghosts are always a whisper away.

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