Farewell Symphony of the Seas: Our Bittersweet Last Night on Board

I want to share with you my last night on the Symphony of the Seas. It was a bittersweet evening because we received the disembarkation information, which made me and my husband feel a bit sad. It's always hard to say goodbye to an adventure, right?

We decided to make the most of our last night on the ship, so we went to visit Zoltan, the fortune teller. Unfortunately, he was broken, and we couldn't get our last fortune of the trip. 

Next, we went to the casino for one last round of fun. I don't consider myself a big gambler, but it was exciting to try my luck one more time before the end of the trip.

Since we had the unlimited dining package, we decided to have dinner at Hooked for the second time. My husband was thrilled because he ordered a full lobster, which was one of the highlights of his trip. I had some delicious seafood pasta that was as satisfying.

After dinner, we went to see one of the ice skating shows. It was impressive to see the skill and artistry of the performers, especially considering the small rink. 

Finally, we watched the diving show, Hiro. We had tried to see it a few times earlier in the trip, but it had been canceled due to weather conditions. We were grateful to finally get to see it, and it was definitely worth the wait. The acrobatics and stunts were breathtaking.

Overall, it was a wonderful last night on the Symphony of the Seas. Although we were sad to see it end, we felt grateful for the memories and experiences we had on the ship.

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