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Embarkation Day Tips at the Port of Miami Boarding Symphony of the Seas 2022

Embarkation day can be stressful especially if you are a new cruiser. Don't worry, plenty of people will be at the port to direct you. The most important thing is not to leave the house without anything you need to board the ship. Below are some steps you should take to make sure you are ready for boarding.

Download the Royal Caribbean App to your phone

If you don't know how to download the app to your phone, find someone who does. The app is used for everything. It is your compass, your way of making reservations, how you'll check in and get your boarding pass, how you'll do the muster drill, and your map of the ship.

You'll need a passport with six months still left on it.

You can use a birth certificate and ID, but those won't help you if you miss the ship while in port or you have a medical emergency and have to stay in port. You'll need a passport to get back to the US. 

You'll need your boarding passes.

 I always print the boarding pass out and do a screen shot of it on my phone in case for some reason the Royal Caribbean app isn't working when I'm at the terminal.

You'll need your covid shot record.

You'll upload a picture of your shot record to the app for Royal Caribbean. I also bring it because some places outside of the US want to see your record in order to enter. 

Some sailings may still need a covid test.

Most sailings don't need a covid test. Most out of the US don't require vaccination, but you'll need to check closer to your sailing because these rules change daily. The Royal Caribbean app will tell you what is needed for your specific sailing. 

Print out and attach your luggage tags.

When you check into your cruise at home, a pdf file will be sent to you. The luggage tags are in there. You will need to print them out and attach them to your luggage, so the porters know where to take your things.

Make Sure you have tip money for the porters.

You'll also need tip money for the porters who take your bags. We normally give them $20.

Watch the video for tips more specific to the Port of Miami. But all the tips above apply to any of the ports. Thanks for visiting and keep it spooky! 

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