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Can You Get a Hand Pay on Adventure of the Seas Playing Slots?

We love games of chance whether it be slots, crane games, card games, or bingo. We are entertained by it and have found we get a lot of extra benefits from playing that offset the money we are losing like free hotel rooms, free cruises, and free dining. Granted, some people go overboard chasing that big win. That is not us. We go in with an amount we can afford and stop when that amount is gone.

But is it better to play on a cruise because you are in international waters? I've heard both sides. I don't really see a difference other than the machines seems to prefer higher bets than minimum bets. My husband how bets about $3 a spin saw many more bonuses and wins than I did minimum betting.

I think you have a better chance winning the slot tournament, blackjack tournament, or bingo. But here is some of our play on Adventure of the Seas.

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