A Walk Around the Otaku Capital Akihabara in Tokyo Japan

I love Akihabara!

This was October 18, 2017 Akihabara 秋葉原 Japan 8am in the morning. Not much was open yet. We went to Mister Donut for breakfast. I wanted the Halloween donuts but they were not out yet and we didn't make it back later.

We started walking around Akihabara looking for open places and came across the coffee coke in a vending machine everyone had been posting about. Sadly, we were never able to find that vending machine again and we never found coffee coke anywhere else.

We came across KFC which we never had time to eat at and a lot of Gachapon machines which I wish I would have bought more of. I was being conservative with my yen because I didn't know how long 200,000 yen would last over two weeks, but I ended up bringing a lot of yen home with me. Still have it. Kept it for our next trip that will be happening this fall 2019.

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