Watchmen Series Tied Up All the Loose Ends in a Perfect Christmas Bow, Should There be a Second Season?

When I first started hearing about The Watchmen  series on HBO and seeing the trailers for it, I wasn't sure I would like it. It didn't look like the show was related to the movie or the comic book, but I am glad to say I was wrong.

We watched the last episode last night and I have to say it was very much related to the comics and movie and the writing for this series was excellent. If you are into the Watchmen I highly recommend watching the HBO series.

I think I liked this series better than the movie which I felt dragged some at times and had too many long unnecessary sex scenes. The writing for the HBO Watchmen series was well crafted and all the loose ends were resolved unlike, It Chapter Two, which I watched recently. The writers must have come up with an idea, figured out the ending first, and then started writing the rest backward. That's how I would need to write something like this. They did a great job of throwing in surprises to keep it interesting. The series was a perfect complete story leaving you wanting more.

Which is the big question,right. Should there be a second season? The story would have to be damn good and tied up and complete like the first season was. I think the second season should not continue where the first left off, but maybe be its own story in the same universe, but hint about what happened at the end of the first season. -Spoiler- I'm still surprised she ate the egg right off. I thought she might keep it and think about it for a while. Then they could have used that in the plot of the second season. But I liked the ending and I like they left you hanging.

A second season would be great, but a new story. Bringing god back seems like a bad idea. God can do anything so what is left to do with him or her. I guess we will all have to wait and see.

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