Another Book Submitted To Me For Review Going Viral by Dustin Stevens

The description for this book is below. This book is not my normal cup of tea, but I decided to check it out further because it was different from what I normally read. I read to the Evolution part. I'm surprised Amazon made so much of the book a sample, but the chapters are short. They also break at strange places. Some I get after reading more but some I'm thinking, "why not make this one chapter?", but these are small issues that are not that important. The writing is great and I'm seriously considering reviewing this one. It already has 94 reviews that look positive so this author doesn't really need my help but I'm truly interested in the story even though it is not what I normally read.

My only issue is we start out with a man on death row. He is interviewing with a reporter and wants to tell his real story about the murder. What I'm looking for is why his story is worth telling, and why its worth reading for the next week or two of my life. In these first few chapters, I'm not really given that special reason why. For some, maybe for many, reading a story about how a man ends up on death row is enough. I want to know why his story is more important than all the other people on death row.

The writing is so good I'm willing to keep going, but if this story ends up being an average death row story, I may be disappointed. 

Three years ago, Charles Doyle was an average American millennial.

At twenty-eight years old he was content to still live in the bedroom he grew up in, working as a manager at the fast food chain he first joined in high school. Upon the death of his father, Charles realizes there might be something more for him out there and decides to try his hand at the potential of social media for introducing himself to the masses.

Starting as a web series of self-exploration, Charles soon finds himself seduced by the allure of faceless followers. What began as a first cigar or shot of whiskey soon escalates much faster, an entire new persona developing.

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