The Last Full Moon and the last Friday the 13th of the Century

last full moon 2019 friday the 13thWhat does the last full Moon and the last Friday the 13th mean? Well, for me, it means an opportunity to have fun and an idea for an art piece that is almost done. 

I started the painting on Wednesday and hope to finish it today or tomorrow. Of course it has a large full moon in it for the last full moon of the century. The painting also has a black cat jumping over the moon because why not. Black cats and Friday the 13th go together like goths and black clothes. 

I'm using liquitex acrylic paint on canvas that I bought from Michael's. I hope to have the painting up on the website soon and on Redbubble. Maybe I'll make a video about it. It is a kawaii painting, not scary.Last full moon of 2019 with friday the 13th black cat

We were going to go to Field of Screams because they reopened this weekend for Friday the 13th, today and tomorrow, but it is raining and very, very cold and I am still sick. The last thing I want to do is stand outside in the cold, wet and hacking my lungs out. 

Maybe we can go see Black Christmas instead at the Alamo Draft House. That would be a fun goth way to celebrate Friday the 13th and Christmas. If I end up going to the movie I'll write a review.  

I'll put a pic of my new painting in here, too. I just need to return home first and take a picture of it. 

And if you see a black cat today, do not be afraid. Love that kitty and if it seems homeless, take it home with you. I have a black cat an she is the sweetest loving cat you can ask for. Not a drop of bad luck in her. If you are looking for a new pet please consider adopting a black cat because they tend to not get adopted which is horrible. They make perfect familiars. So please consider adopting a black cat today or at least donating to a black cat charity and help find these poor kitties homes. Black Cat Charity

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