The First Day of #Creepmas I make spooky Christmas Gift Tags For Gothmas #makingcreepmas

Creepmas 2020

This post is going to be a little late because I had to make the video first. I also needed to make a new Creepmas video intro. It turned out awful so I'll probably make a new one one when I have more time.

Before I add the video, here is the list of prompts for this years Creepmas!

Creepmas 2020 prompts

 Creepmas runs from December 1 to the 13th if you want to participate! Use hashtags #creepmas and #makingcreepmas when you share your posts. 

Now it's time to share my post! I made some creepy Christmas gift tags in photoshop because it is hard to find them. So I made them myself. I didn't make them from scratch because my time is limited. Here's the video!

 I hope you enjoyed the first day of Creepmas. There will be twelve more posts to come.

Spook You Later!

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