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Here are the Creepy villagers I Really Want On My Island

Coco Animal Crossing1. Coco 





I have no idea if these are good villagers to have, but I Find them very interesting and spooky. I'm not sure what coco is but we need him or her on my Cat Island.

Blanco animal crossing2. Blanco

My island is cat island so we definitely need a cat villager. Blanco will fit in with my black roses and skull wall paper perfectly.

Jack animal crossing3. Jack

I love Halloween so we have to have Jack in our town. I'm not sure if he only comes out at Halloween, but If he's hanging out on an island somewhere he will be mine!

Pietro animal crossing4. Pietro



Clowns are always creepy so we have to have Pietro as one of our villagers.

Cherry animal crossing5.Cherry

 Cherry looks pretty goth so absolutely want her in our village. I need to make a pattern like her shirt because I want one! 

Lucky animal crossing6. Lucky

 I'm not sure why lucky is called Lucky because he doesn't look very lucky. He's covered in bandages. We need a mummy dog for sure.

Zipper animal crossing7. Zipper

 Zipper was so creepy during Easter that he needs to stay permanently on our island. I hope he keeps doing his hoppy dance in the plaza FOREVER!

Katrina animal crossing8.Katrina

 I need Katrina because she is a cat and because she needs to control the mummy dog since she is Egyptian. She may have created him in the first place. Who knows.

Ribbit animal crossing9. Ribbit 

Ribbit appears to be a robot frog, maybe even a robot kappa, I'd have to see his back. Kappa are apart of Japanese lore so look it up. He is welcome on my island.

Tabby animal crossing10. Tabby 

Tabby is a cat that looks a little crazy. Cat island needs more cats and this one seems like he might be interesting. And I need to design his shirt, too. 

Tiffany animal crossing11. Tiffany 

Here's a bonus villager just to make the number uneven. She seems similar to Cherry but we have room for both so come visit Tiffany!

That's my list of the strange villagers I hope to get. I hope you enjoyed this. Take care and stay healthy! 


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