Spooky Cat Lady's Halloween Hunting Guide: Spooky Shopping Awaits!

Spooky Cat Lady's Halloween Hunting Guide: Spooky Shopping Awaits!

Hey there, my fellow spooky souls! While most peeps are all about summer fun, vacations, and sippin' cool drinks, my heart beats for something darker—the Halloween season! Forget the beach, 'cause I'm the ghoul lurking around every big box and craft store, waiting eagerly for their shelves to turn black and orange. Halloween hunting season is my jam, and I've gotten pretty good at predicting when the stores will stock their eerie goodies. It's not always easy—like that one time a global pandemic gave me a scare—but nothing can stop me from embracing the spookiness of Halloween!


I'm not like most kids; Halloween is my passion, and it's not just about that one night in October. Nope, I live and breathe the spooky spirit all year long! But when summer starts fading away, my excitement starts to rise. It's like feeling the chill in the air and knowing that the best time of the year is just around the corner. Black cats, haunted houses, and pumpkins—what's not to love?

I'm all about sharing my passion with others, helping them find the spookiest stuff to make their Halloween a total scream! So Here's my Halloween Hunting Guide!

  1. darkwhimsicalart.com (Year Round Halloween Finds)
  2.  Spirit Halloween - Mid to late August

  3. Party City - Early to mid-September

  4. Target - Early September

  5. Walmart - Early to mid-September

  6. HomeGoods - Late July to early September

  7. Michaels - Early September sometimes August

  8. At Home - Early to mid-July

  9. Joann - Early to mid-June

  10. Lowe's - Mid to late September

  11. Home Depot - Mid to late September

  12. CVS - Early to mid-September

  13. Walgreens - Early to mid-September

  14. Dollar Tree - Mid-September Sometimes August

  15. Dollar General - Mid-September

  16. Big Lots - Early to mid-August

  17. Kroger - Early to mid-September

  18. Meijer - Early to mid-September

  19. Rite Aid - Early to mid-September

  20. Party Depot - Early to mid-September

  21. Family Dollar - Mid-September

  22. Michaels - Early August

  23. Bed Bath & Beyond - Mid-September (If you still have one)

  24. World Market - Early to mid-September

  25. Five Below - Mid-September

  26. Hobby Lobby - Early to mid-August

  27. Kirkland's - Mid-September

  28. T.J. Maxx - Late July to early September

  29. Marshalls - Late August to early September

  30. Ross Dress for Less - Late August to early September

  31. Tuesday Morning - Late August to early September

  32. Burlington - Late August to early September

  33. Dollar Tree - Mid-September

  34. Dollar General - Mid-September

  35. AC Moore - Early September (If you still have one)

  36. Ocean State Job Lot - Early to mid-September

  37. Bed Bath & Beyond - Mid-September

  38. World Market - Early to mid-September

  39. Five Below - Mid-September

  40. T.J. Maxx - Late August to early September

  41. Tuesday Morning - Late August to early September


Here's an excellent list from Spookylittlehalloween.com a spooktacular website: SpookyLittleHalloween_UltimateHalloweenHuntingGuide2023.pdf

Please note that these stocking dates can vary slightly from year to year and may be influenced by factors like the store's location and their specific Halloween inventory. Be sure to keep an eye out for their Halloween displays to catch the spookiest goodies as soon as they hit the shelves!

So there you have it, my spooky companions! While others are soaking up the sun and counting down the days to Halloween, I'm already in the spirit, waiting for the Halloween hunting season to begin. I'm determined to keep the spooky vibes alive all year round!

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