#PrintonDemand : How to Turn Your Hand Drawing into a Vector Drawing Using #Photoshop

First, You'll need to have Photoshop, the subscription version, which costs about $10.59 a month if you only get Photoshop.

You'll also need a smartphone and you'll need to download an app called Adobe Capture. The app is free but not the smartphone.

You'll also need some paper and a pencil or pen and a small amount of talent for drawing. 

With your pen or pencil you will draw anything you like. It is a good idea to ink it in so that the Adobe Capture app will pick up the details better. The shape function in the Adobe Capture App only works with black and white so no need to color your creation yet.

On your phone open the Adobe Capture App and select the shape option. You will then take a picture of your drawing. There will be options to erase and draw on the image, to crop the image, and to clean the lines. Unless you like rough lines definitely use the line clean up option. When you save the image, it will convert it into an Adobe vector shape which you will find in Photoshop the next time you open the program.

Why do all this you ask? Because a vector shape can be changed to any size without quality loss. You can draw a tiny picture but then change it into something large to put on a T-shirt later.

I hope you found this useful. 

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