June 14 Need To Promote a Book? Here are Some Blog Tour Companies

Need to Promote a book? Or maybe you want to help promote books? Then check out these book tour companies.

1. R&R Book Tours


I do posts for R&R. So far they are easy to work with.

2. Xpresso Book Tours


I also do posts for Xpresso. Not as many posts only because lately the books have been outside of my interest area, but they are also easy to work with. 

3. iRead Book Tours


I can't tell you anything about this one, but I may be checking them out soon.

4. Bewitching Book Tours


Bewitching Book Tours have been around a long time and I highly recommend them if your book falls into the categories they promote.

5. YA Bound Book Tours


I don't do posts for this one but I see it on a lot of lists. I may check them out myself.

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