My Spooky Kawaii Valentine's Weekend at Round 1 and Field of Screams

Who said you have to spend Valentine's Day getting flowers and eating chocolate. Why not do something outside the box. My husband and I stayed overnight in Exton, PA so that we could go to Round 1 during the day and then Field of Screams at night for Valentine's Day. We also went to World of Beer which was more for my husband because he loves beer.

I was going to film and make videos but decided this trip I just wanted to enjoy it. We may have enjoyed it too much. We ended up spending around $600 at Round 1 which is easy to do. But we did win the giant Ralakuma and a whole bunch of other Japanese stuffies and anime figures. I may have spelled that wrong. If you are wondering what Round 1 is, it is a Japanese amusement place with crane games, video games, karaoke,  darts, bowling, and food and beer. Round 1 in America is different than Round 1 in Japan. In America we have ticket games, in Japan they do not have ticket games. I guess they consider ticket games as gambling and gambling is illegal in Japan.

Round 1 winnings

Field of Screams had two of its mazes open. I didn't think we needed the VIP ticket but my husband bought them anyway and it turned out a good decision. Field of Screams was far more busy than I expected. I guess a lot of people enjoy horror for Valentine's Day. My legs are still sore from crawling through a very small, very long tunnel in complete darkness that was full of dead bodies. Good times!

So if you are a little strange like me and don't want the normal flowers and chocolate for Valentine's Day maybe you should consider Round 1 or Field of Screams for your romantic night out.

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