My New Shopify Store

While I was still on Zenfolio I decided to take Dark Whimsical Art in a new direction, print on demand. I quickly learned that Zenfolio was not going to suit my needs and I started looking into other options. 

I looked into Storenvy, Etsy, Ebay, and many other options and Shopify, so far, is the only platform that had everything I wanted. I was looking for a blog, integration with Paypal, Amazon, and print on demand companies. The platform needed to be easy to use and I wanted to be able to offer digital products that people could download immediately after buying. So here I am building a new website.

I'm sorry there is not much on my site yet. I do work a full time job that drains all of my soul and leaves me an empty husk after eight hours. So, this process is going to be slow.

Here's the first video about the start of my print on demand journey. More videos will be coming, I promise, but I will be building this website for a while so the new videos may come slow.


 Sorry for the affiliate linking I am about to do, but until I find the people who will love my products, I need a way to bring in money to  pay for this website. Click the books below and shop for anything. It doesn't have to be the items below.






My Books

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