My Failed Attempt At A Spooky Kawaii Bullet Journal

My Failed Attempt At A Spooky Kawaii Bullet Journal

I thought as an artist that making my own yearly planner would be fun and help with my creativity juices. Well, that's not what happened.

I love the creepy horror cover I made for the sketch book. That is pretty cool. You'll see it in the video. I'm even thinking of buying more and selling them on this website. If you think that's cool and would want one let me know. I'd rather be using my time making things people want instead of wasting my time. 

I made it about 4 months, to April, and just lost my desire to work on it. By the time I'd get  a month done it would be time for the next month so I wouldn't get to really use it for planning. I tried to get ahead but as usual life gets in the way. 

I decided it was better for me to buy a spooky planner already made. There are not a whole lot of them out there but I did find one that I liked.


 It's a planner and a coloring book and has all kinds of cool witch stuff in so it is a lot of fun and causes me no stress.

I have a few planners on this website if you want to check them out. They would make a good bullet journal. I plan to add more soon.

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