My #animalcrossingnewleaf addiction: Beginner Tips I've Learned for the Game #animalcrossingcommunity

Sorry guys but my husband made the mistake of buying Animal Crossing and now that's how I'm spending my Quarantine.

At first I was really annoyed with Animal Crossing and The Tiger King because all my favorite Youtubers were talking about them in every video. I mean literally every video.But they do say if you can't beat them, join them and that is what has happened with Animal Crossing.

My husband on a whim bought the game to probably annoy me, but now we are both playing it and it has been fun most of the time. We started late in the middle of bunny season and there were eggs everywhere. Other players seemed to hate the eggs but I didn't mind them because you got a lot of bells for the eggs and the crafts from the eggs, too. I also managed to get the special item for Easter, the wobbly bunny and the Wand DIY. Now I just need some shooting stars.

Here Are My Beginner Tips!

 1. When you mine the rocks don't eat fruit or you will break them and it takes a while for the rocks to re-spawn.

2. Dig two holes behind you when you mine rocks so it doesn't bounce you away that way you can get all 9 of the items.

3. Gather all the flowers and put them near each other with one space between like a checker board pattern. Why? To make hybrid flowers and because it spawns a lot of high bell bugs so you can make money faster.

4. When you use a nook ticket and visit an island, if bugs are spawning on the island, it's pretty flat, and it is 8pm or later, you can try to make a spider island ( or atlas Moth island now). You will need to get rid of everything bugs spawn on, trees, tree stumps, pick the flowers off flowers, smash the rocks. Dump all your stuff on the beach and tarantulas will start spawning and they are worth a lot 8000 each I think and more if you keep them and sell them to Flick. Atlas Moths might spawn, too, they are worth 3000. Keep the Coconut trees if you want them to spawn.

5. You will see a glow on the ground. When you did it up there will be 1000 bells. If you have the money, bury 10,000 bells in the hole and in a few days you will have money tree with 30,000 bells on it. You can put the 1000 bells back in and you will get a tree with 3000 on it a few days later.

6. Crafted items sell for more than raw materials so make stuff from those weeds and sticks and sell that instead. You'll get nook miles for the crafting too.

7. One of the rocks on your island will be a money rock. Make sure not to break it or it will be a while for it to re-spawn.

8. Get the pocket organizer and tool key ring as early as possible. You use nook miles to get them in the nook miles ATM located in guest services.

9. The two new items in the shop each day, buy them because you will not see them again. They will be put in your catalog so you can get them again later. If you don't buy them they are gone forever unless you get lucky and get them another way. Also checking the nook ATM each day gets you more nook miles.

10. The Dailies is the fastest way to get nook miles so make sure to check and do them. Get the points as soon as it beeps you so you can start a new daily and get more points faster.

So those are 10 tips for anyone just starting out. There are more and maybe Ill do another post if people are interested.

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