Here is Something to Look Forward to Once Life Gets Back to Normal Mothman Festival Tips

Many of you may have seen The Mothman movie with Richard Greer. Well that movie is based on a book about real events that happened at Point Pleasant WV. Every Year around August or September they have a Mothman Festival and it is a lot of fun and worth going to at least once if you are into strange stuff like me.


Here are some tips if you decide to go to the Mothman Festival. Hopefully we'll get to have one in 2020.

1. Go to the museum on Friday. Don't wait until Saturday or Sunday. The line is crazy long to get in on the actual festival days. Friday we walked right in no wait and items were still available for purchase in the store. A lot of the merch sales out on Saturday.

2. Where walking shoes. It's not a far walk from the park where they have you park, almost a mile. They have shuttles but you will be waiting a long time to get one. There is parking closer that costs $20 you can try to get.

3. Go to the bathroom before leaving to go or at a gas station before getting to the parking area. As I said, you'll be waiting a long time for a shuttle. There is one bathroom for males and females and they are very, very, nasty. You don't want to use them.

4. Saturday and Sunday the restaurants are packed. If you had a particular place you were looking forward to, go to it on Friday. The farther  you get from the festival the less crowded the restaurants become so venture out.  

5. My last tip, bring lots of spending money. You are going to find all kinds of cool strange goods to buy just like the strange goods you can find in my store so check it out. 



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