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Nothing Lasting

Twenty-five years ago, Noah Berkley's childhood was stolen from him.

Twenty-five years ago, he lost the first and only love of his life.

Twenty-five years ago, someone died at his hand.

Only now, after all these years and spurred by the death of his father, does Noah Berkley believe he can face the memories he buried in the winter of 1984.

But sometimes memories aren't the only things we recover when we reopen the wounds of the past...

Echoes of Violence

The Upton family has lived and died through thousands of todays. A married couple with three kids, they run the Cherryhill Campground next to a secret lab in rural Illinois. In a day of unending chaos and violence, the only thing they know for certain is they must fight to stay together no matter what.

An apocalyptic thriller with nonstop action. It's THE WALKING DEAD meets HAPPY DEATH DAY

The Nightmare Within

Maury has the supernatural ability to pull dreams into the waking world, giving the dreams physical form. Once exposed to the real world, the dreams evolve, adapting to their surroundings.

From a boy named Kevin, he removes Mr. Freakshow, a nightmare feeding on the trauma of Kevin having recently witnessed his father's murder.

Kevin will do whatever it takes to be free of his nightmare, once and for all. Mr. Freakshow will do whatever it takes to realize his immortality.

Will Kevin survive his nightmare?


In an instant stretched beyond comprehension, an instant in reality compressed to less than a second, Angie's life changes forever...

Is her husband haunting her?
Has she gone mad?
Or is there another possibility, something far worse?

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