#Kindle #Books Spotlight: Riot of the Living Dead: Escape From Detroit

Riot Of The Living Dead: Escape From Detroit By Samual Elkins


About the Author

The First novel by Samuel Elkins is sure to be a hit with horror readers. Sam Elkins is an MRI Technologist who has worked in the Detroit inner city for nearly a decade. His Accounts of racism and ruin are based on first hand accounts and a fair amount of trespassing in the many abandoned buildings that mar the city. He hopes that his debut novel will shed light on the struggles that Detroiters face, and encourage others to invest in this city whose economic fate is directly tied to the fate of the region.

Book Description

RIOTS, RACISM, ZOMBIES, AND BAD COFFEE. Seemingly overnight, a riot has erupted in Detroit, rapidly engulfing the volatile city. But as victims begin to flood an inner city hospital, it becomes apparent to the staff that this is no ordinary riot. The patients are feverish, bearing horrible bite marks and the stench of death. As they succumb to infection, their corpses inexplicably seem to rise from the dead, violently attacking and cannibalizing anyone they come in contact with. As the city burns, a mild mannered MRI Technologist tries desperately to flee the city. Starving, dehydrated, and desperate for a decent cup of coffee, he hides in the historic ruins of Detroit's former glory, experiencing firsthand the urban decay, racism, and socioeconomic depression that blight the automotive capital of the world.

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