I've Been Checking Out Wattpad and Other Things

Hi guys, I've been thinking I need to write about myself and what I am doing on here more. I do a lot of promoting of books and other art related things, but I don't talk much. I'm not sure why that is. My guess would be time and being tired. I keep pretty busy.

I was putting the chapters of my book Last Sunrise on this blog, but now I have switched to Wattpad. Once all the chapters are done I will add all of them here in some way. I also plan to add it to Amazon. But right now while I'm still working on it, you can find it on Wattpad. 

Here is a video of me talking about writing, or actually editing, Last Sunrise. I have found writing the draft is much easier than editing. I want the book to be done already.

I think it is possible to have it done by the end of February. Then I plan to work on editing my other book Believe. Last Sunrise is my test run. If it does well I've write the other two books in the trilogy, but if no one cares, then it will remain a stand a lone book. 

I changed the first page of my website today. I think I'm going to focus on writers and writing. I love both art and creative writing. Right now I feel like writing. 

I'm trying to make it through winter without going into depression mode. The mild winter we are having where I live is helping. Seven days of sun in a row. I've been able to get my vitamin D. Normally during winter I shut down and don't do anything. I won't let that happen this time!

Thanks for stopping by. Until the next post. Keep creating!

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