I've added my first Original Painting To My Store, Space and Robot, and it Glows in the Dark

Here it is Space and Robot. Yes, I know it kind of looks like Wall-e. That was an accident. It is just a random robot on a burning planet. I feel bad for him. I hope he escapes.

I'll get more originals on here I swear, especially now that I have more time. Like a lot of people, my hours at work have been dramatically lessened. Am I upset about it? No. I wanted a break, maybe not this kind of a break, but the universe did listen I guess and gave me a break from the job I dislike.

I plan not to waste the time. I've been working on this site more. I've been arting more and I've been researching other ways to make money. I'll never depend on one stream of income ever again. The bad part is it can take a long time to build those other streams of income, possibly even years.

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