In Honor Of Half Way To #Halloween Something to look Forward To Howl-o-Screams Busch Gardens!

Half Way To Halloween!

Hopefully by Halloween Season the world will be back to normal. We are now about half way to Halloween and here is something fun you should plan for if the world allows. (I kind of think the Earth has had enough of humans and is trying to get rid of us) Could make a good story to write.

Howl-O-Scream Tips For Visiting

When you go to Howl-o-Screams it is best to go early before October because the lines get crazy long in October. If yo need to go in October then try to go on a Friday. It is less busy on Friday especially during the day. Saturday you will need to buy a fast pass or you will not be able to go in all the attractions. 

Make sure to check out the food stalls Busch Gardens has some cool food options themed around Halloween. 

The new thing they had 2019 was the Control Lab. Hopefully they do it again.


This is probably going to be the most fun you'll have during our Halloween event. You may not like being scared, but for the price of a token* at Castle O’Sullivan in Ireland, you get the power to unleash your own scares on the unsuspecting victims making their way through our haunted houses.

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