May 28 I'm working on a new Piece of #art called The Moons of Saturn Space Time #artist

Dark Whimsical Art Adult Coloring Book Moons of Saturn SpacetimeI drew The Moons of Saturn Space Time a while back and you can find it in my coloring book Dark Whimsical Art Adult Coloring Book on Amazon. I scan all my line art before working on it in case I mess up or I don't like the colors so I can start over. I can also make alternate versions if I want as well.

I'm using prisma color pencils for this one, one of my favorite mediums to use so far. I like the way they blend although it is a lot of work to make them blend. The pressure sometimes makes my arm hurt so I can only do sections at a time.

I'd love to film as I go through the process but I tend to be an artist that moves around a lot. One minute I'm in a chair, the next on the floor. So I gotta figure that out still. I could film a small section of work with a voice over and maybe not the whole piece being worked on. That would be better than nothing?

Let me know what you think and what you are currently working on.

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