I'm starting a new book for review, I Know When You’re Going To Die by Michael J. Bowler

I've never done this before, but I though it might be fun to talk about a book I'm reviewing as I'm reading it. The book below I am reviewing for Bewitching Book Tours. The official review will be out sometime in February. 

I Know When You’re Going To Die
Michael J. Bowler
I've only read the first chapter so far to see if I liked the style of the writer. If I don't like the style I normally won't agree to review it because it will take me forever to get through the book. I do like the style, so far so good. 
The story is in first person, male point of view, which is cool with me. Too many books have 17 year old girls lately. The first chapter moves pretty quick which I like. Some readers may not like it, but I personally don't want a lot of character's  intros or exposition in the first chapter. Just give me enough to orient me and get the story going. This writer does that so, yeah.
Maybe I'll do this more. I'm not sure. Time will be the deciding factor. I'm writing this on my lunch break at work. That's why it's going to be short. If you think this would be an interesting kind of post to read, let me know. Would you want someone, a reviewer,  to do this while reading your book?

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