I Watched A Training On Increasing Your YouTube Subscribers. Can I Do It?

I watched the free training videos that YouTuber Cupcake Training offers. 

So you might be wondering why I didn't make this a YouTube video. Well, because I'm at work writing this. I know by the time I get home I'll be too tired to make a video so I'm doing what I can do which is better than doing nothing.

The videos were decent but not for someone who has been on YouTube for a while. A beginner would get something out of them. But I'm not complaining it was free. I had to give my email which I'm sure means I will get a ton of emails now. 

 One thing in the videos stood out and is something I have not tried yet but have considered doing, make a YouTube video every day for 365 days. UUg!

 I have made a video every day for 31 days during Halloween before and that was hard! I can't imagine making one everyday for an entire year. I know during the 31 days the video quality on some days went down because of trying to come up with ideas and not having much time for editing. I resorted to filming my bathroom for goodness sake just to get a video out. 

And while I'm making all these videos I still need to live life, make art, run this website, and work a 40 hour a week job. I definitely will need a realistic plan. Sometimes I'll have to use my cellphone ,and some of the videos will have to be, "I don't have time to make a video today, see you tomorrow" videos. The videos would have to be mostly vlogs and throw in some live streaming.

I could most weekends film 7 videos, edit two of them for Saturday and Sunday and then edit the other 5 each day and upload. Oh boy.

I am considering actually doing this. I just don't know if I'll make it. I get burned out at times and just stop making videos for a while. Especially if my software is acting up or the footage gets messed up like it did in Japan. That's why you keep seeing gaps of time between videos because I don't want to deal with the corrupted files.

I also know that I can't keep living this current life I'm living. Everything about my life is good except my job, but my job is such a big part of where my time is going that it taints everything.

I want to make all of this work so I can work for myself again doing something I enjoy and take pride in. I have to make this happen.

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