I Drew the Queen of Swords For Year 2020

The Queen of Swords, a mature woman, fierce, strong, and needs solitude. I will be wise, but not without empathy. I'll have influence, but be approachable. I'm going to stand out.

That all sounds good to me. It also said to not focus on my goals too heavily or it may prevent me from meeting them. I can see that. There are so many things I want to accomplish it seems overwhelming at times so I end up doing nothing. I need to change that.

For a while now I have felt a negative force dragging me down and keeping me from working on my goals more strongly. I need to overcome it.  With the Queen of Swords on my side maybe this year I will accomplish more of my goals than I have in the past few years.

Here are my things I picked for this year:

  1. Word: Determined
  2. Card: Queen of Swords
  3. Cat: Solitude
  4. Quote: An idea that is developed and put into action is more important than an idea that exists only as an idea. The Buddha

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