Halloween Decorations You Can Keep Up Year-Round

1. Throw Pillow, Dia De Muertos Cartoon Skull Ornate Day The Dead Pattern

Lots of people like Day of the dead decor and it is excepted when it is out all year unlike Halloween decor. If you are the type who cares about that. I am not so I have full on Halloween out all year.



2. This Cute Black Cat Potholder set

Lots of people have black cats like me so this pot holder would just be an expression of your love for your black cat. 


 3. Skulls Halloween Bath Mat 

Again skulls can be out year round so no one will think its strange. Will they? Better not to care and be happy with your bathroom.


4. Skulls Halloween Bed Spread

I sleep under a black and orange Halloween bed spread my mom bought me, but you could get away with this skull one and not be a Halloween freak like me. But you should be. Just saying.



5. Gallery Wrapped Canvas, Bran Castle Count Dracula's Castle On a Full Moon Transylvania Romania

This could be just a cool castle print you having up. No one else needs to know it is Dracula's castle.



I hope you enjoy these items and if you have ideas how to keep your home spooky year round put it in the comments. Really, please! I want to know!

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