Guest Post by Sarah Grace Del Rosario: Clever Ways To Personalize Photo Cards for Friends and Family

 Clever Ways To Personalize Photo Cards for Friends and Family

There are plenty of reasons to consider sending out custom greeting cards to family and friends. While it may seem like digital solutions have eclipsed more traditional methods of communication, most people appreciate the thoughtfulness of receiving a card through the mail. If you’ve been considering customized cards, you may be struggling with how to give them the perfect personal touch. Consider these ideas and create a card that you can’t wait to send out.

Pick a Picture That Fits the Tone of the Card

A photo card is fun because it allows you the chance to send a picture of meaning to people you care about. Around the holidays, for example, it is common for families to take group pictures to include on the seasonal greeting cards they send out. Naturally, you want to make sure that the photo you pick fits the tone and theme of the card. A greeting card meant to express condolences, for example, shouldn’t include a bright and happy selfie that you think you look good in. Focus on the photo and it will set the right tone.

Put Thought Into the Message

The photo you use for your card is only the first factor to focus on. You also want to think long and hard about the message you include. Selecting the right words can be tough. At the end of the day, you want to make sure you are as personal as possible with your message. Writing an impersonal card that sounds like a form letter is an easy way to make friends and family feel odd about the gesture. Instead, include personal memories and sweet sentiments that would only be touching to the person reading the card.

Naturally, there are times when taking a generic approach can be handy. If you need to send out bulk cards, for example, then you can feel free to craft a message that will cover a wide range of recipients.

Give a Gift That Keeps Giving

There are also many opportunities for you to turn your custom greeting cards into a charitable act. Cards for Causes is an organization that allows customers the option of donating a portion of the proceeds from the cards to a charity of their choosing. If you’re someone who cares deeply about a particular issue, the decision to make cards through this company can help you cover all of your bases at once. All you need to do is design your card, select a charity, and place your order!

Throw in Some Business Talk

Depending on the nature of the card you’re writing, you may wish to discuss and promote your business on some level. At the end of the year, holiday cards are a fantastic way for people to connect with family members and share in their successes and defeats. If you’ve had a really great year and want to share your business news with the people you love, then feel free to toss a bit of business talk into the mix. You may also feel inclined to include a promotion or coupon as a way of showing some extra love.

Go With a Template

Coming up with your own card design can be a process that consumes a good chunk of your time. This is why it can be a better idea to opt for a template. Browse through the selection available at Cards for Causes and take a look at the different designs and styles available to you. Instead of wasting hours putting together an image and message of your own, you can rest comfortably knowing that the template you have chosen is sure to please a wide audience.

There are many ways to go about sending custom greeting cards to people you care about. Take time to review your options, discover what you can accomplish through Cards for Causes, and put a smile on the faces of friends and family. 

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