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   I hope you enjoy this short piece of flash fiction I wrote. Maybe it will entertain you while you wait for your doctor appointment or oil change. 

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 The Note

by Roxanne Crouse

     While everyone stood in the hall, I snuck over to Hanna's desk and carefully placed the note in-between her books so she wouldn't see it right away. I had to be quick, the morning bell would ring any minute and someone would see me. As soon as the note disappeared between her books, I strolled away from the pile casually, trying not to draw attention to myself, and returned to my desk on the other side of the room. Sweat broke out on my hands and neck as my heart pounded and my whole body tingled. I slid into my seat and worked to steady my breathing. If I didn't calm down, I'd give myself away.

     Hanna would return to her desk any minute. I clenched my fists and longed for her to find my note during this class. The expression on her face would be priceless. My cheeks flushed thinking about her reaction. Would she smile or giggle? Would she show the note to the other girls in her gang or hide it and follow its instructions in secret? Would she make a fool of herself in front of the whole class as I did? I sure hoped so. Her embarrassment would be monumental.

     The bell rang and Hanna strode into the classroom with the other girls surrounding her and sat at her desk chattering away. I tried not to stare as she gossiped with her followers flinging her perfect blonde hair around for attention. I watched her hands, willing them to pick up the stack. She teased me a few times, gliding her fingers down the cover hiding the note. When she finally picked up the book, I thought I'd rupture. Her perfect pink manicured nails reached for the folded piece of paper and she unfolded it without hesitation. My heart raced so fast the pounding made my throat ache. I thought for sure everyone in the room could hear the banging in my chest as I watched her from the corner of my eye.

     The note was short. The message, written in my sloppiest handwriting to imitate a male's, only took a few seconds for her to read. She glanced around the room and smiled, making eye contact with me for a brief second. I shifted my eyes to another part of the room and pretended not to notice, not to care. Hanna whispered to her gang, but I couldn't hear what she said. I glanced over in time and saw her show the folded paper to the other girls and she clutched it to her chest and jumped excitedly in her seat. The other girls swarmed around her and buzzing sounds of, "Wow, he's gorgeous!" and, "You're so lucky!" surrounded her like she was queen of the hive.

     Air shot through my nose as I suppressed a snicker. I tried not to look in her direction, but couldn't help peeking. I had to see her joy before her heart smashed into a million pieces. She'd never make fun of me again after I finished with her. I didn't expect Hanna to be so excited about her, "secret admirer," and her girly outburst sweetened the prank that much more. She had made fun of me when I told her who my new boyfriend was and everyone laughed at me; the stupid new girl.

     Harry had asked me out with a note. He seemed nice enough so I said yes, not knowing anything about him. Turns out he was the geek of the school.  Hanna embarrassed me in front of everyone in the lunchroom when she stood and said, "Oh my god, look! Harry balls finally found a bitch to mate with! How sweet, they're holding hands!"

     I snatched my hand away from Harry and scooted away even though his eyes glassed over and pleaded with me. I shrunk away from him and he crumpled like a dry leaf in Hanna's fist. I had to break it off with him immediately, even though he was nice, or be the laughing stock of the school. I wasn't strong enough to stand up to Hanna, but I would get even with her.

     I wrote a fake secret admirer note and hinted Jake, the hottest guy in school, had given it to her. She had a crush on him. He would be waiting outside the art class later today like he did every day. The note told Hanna to meet him at the art door by the lockers later. I couldn't wait! When she walked up to him and professed her feelings, I'd die laughing. I already picked out the perfect spot to hide and watch the whole scene unfold. I couldn't suppress the smile on my face as I stole one last glance at happy Hanna, and neither could she. She had a need to share her smile with everyone in the class. Soon I'd watch that smile die.

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