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Considering what is going on in the world, you might need a short distraction. Here is another piece of flash fiction for your entertainment. I hope you enjoy it!

The Cat

by Roxanne Crouse

I couldn't stop eyeing the amazing cat sitting on the concrete ledge. I wanted to touch her soft gray fur, but decided to stay a safe distance away. When I examined the fleece, variations of color collided together from white to black and all colors in between. Her coat shone with a healthy vibrancy in the sun, radiating random rainbow colors as the rays struck down. Her gray nose sniffed the air between us, her black gum line parted with the effort exposing tiny teeth. The claws on her paws stuck out from her fur, uncut and sharp, sure to be lethal to any prey she decided to catch.


Everything about her feline body was perfect except her mouth. She couldn't quite close her lower jaw all the way. Her yellowing teeth always exposed making her appear to have a vampire's smile. Sometimes, her tongue would sneak out between her front little teeth and lay there for minutes, quite comical in appearance.


The most striking feature about her was her eyes. They sparkled emerald-green, not yellow like most cats, and when she let me get close enough, the irises swirled like looking into a green crystal ball of mist. They're churning memorized and I couldn't look away. My reflection expanded and contracted as the black pupils changed with her intense stare.


The cat's posture changed and her eyes grew larger as I continued to gaze deep into her magical eyes, entranced by their beauty. Her ears folded back and the fur on her body and tail stood on end. She didn't like me gawking, so intently into her eyes. Her animal instincts told her I was dangerous and she hissed expelling her foul breath in my direction. The intense odor made me wince breaking my eye contact and she took the opportunity to escape my gaze and jumped away. She slipped too quickly through the crack in the bricks for me to stop her and she disappeared in an instance.


I searched every day after work for her, but I never encountered her again. Even though I only saw her for a moment, I never forget those amazing hypnotic green eyes.

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