Five Horror Websites and Blogs to Follow. #horror #halloween #creepy

 It is my pleasure to bring you a spine-chilling list of 5 websites and blogs that will send shivers down your spine. I have traversed the darkest corners of the web to curate this collection of terrifying resources that are sure to satisfy your thirst for all things horror and Halloween. With each site offering a unique perspective on the macabre, you're sure to find something that will awaken your inner fear. So brace yourselves for a journey into the unknown and prepare to be terrified by these eerie websites and blogs.

  1. Blumhouse - A production company that specializes in horror movies and TV shows.

  2. Crypt TV - A digital studio that produces horror content for online platforms.

  3. iHorror - A website that covers all aspects of horror, including news, reviews, and interviews.

  4. The Lineup - A website that covers true crime, horror, and the paranormal.

  5. Ghastly Grinning - A website that features horror news, reviews, and interviews.

I hope this list of websites and blogs has provided you with a guide to exploring the world of horror and Halloween. From movie reviews and news to creepy stories and events, these sites offer a wealth of spooky resources to satisfy your curiosity and thrill-seeking tendencies. So, as you embark on your journey through the dark depths of the horror genre, remember to stay safe, keep the lights on, and beware of what lurks in the shadows. Happy haunting!

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