May 23 Fanged by Elisabeth Wheatley Fanged Princess (Fanged Princess, #1)

Fanged by Elisabeth Wheatley

4 out of 5 Black Cats

Fanged  by Elisabeth Wheatley is a young adult urban fantasy Novella about Hadassah, a vampire princess, who was punished by her father for falling in love with a human. Now Hadassah’s brother has made the same mistake and Hadassah will do whatever it takes to protect him and his human girlfriend from the same fate she suffered, even join up with their mortal enemies, vampire hunters.

I enjoyed this short novella. It is well written and well formatted for the Kindle. The story line is simple but well executed. There are some small editing issues such as missing words here and there that I’m sure the author or publisher will fix before the release date. Sometimes there are too many adjectives modifying the same word. For example: “large, grayed, gaudy, silver cross”. I would pick one or two of the most important and drop the rest or start another sentence with the descriptions there. Lumping them together takes away the power of the description. Also once or twice I encountered paragraphs where every sentence starts with ‘I’. It makes the paragraph sound repetitive. Occasionally I came across a run on sentence. For example: “I haven’t been able to feed for awhile thanks to you and that little tart of yours is looking sweeter by the minute”. I think it would read more smoothly as, “I haven’t been able to feed for awhile thanks to you. That little tart of yours is looking sweeter by the minute”. It’s confusing in the original version whether little tart goes with the first part of the sentence or the later part. But for the most part this story is well written and the plot is tight, almost like a screenplay.

I enjoyed the first person protagonist, Hadassah, and found her believable. I would have loved to learn more about her relationship with her human boyfriend and what happened to them in the past. I would have loved a scene between Hadassah and her brother discussing what happened to Hadassah, maybe in the hotel room, to slow the action down temporarily and bring more emotion to the story. Maybe scenes like these will happen in the next installment.

I’m excited to report that this story has a climax and satisfying resolution, one of the first series books I’ve received that did. Mucho Kudos to you, Miss. Wheatley for being so young and being able to resolve a book with an exceptionally clean ending.

The world and story are interesting and filled with action. I can’t wait to see where Elisabeth Wheatley takes the story next. The potential to be heartbreaking is certainly there. If you love YA and vampires and only have time for something short, then I recommend Fanged Princess.

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