Fake Paintings and Haunted Paintings oh my! In #AnimalCrossingnewhorizons

Some of you may have met the new red fox character in Animal Crossing named Redd. Watch out! He'll try to cheat you by selling you fake art!

So far we have only bought one painting from him, the girl with pearl earring and we got a real one because there are ways to tell. However, I've heard that painting is haunted so that should make the island more interesting if it is true. Then Redd sailed away and we have not seen him since. I don't know when he will be back. I did get a BBQ grill frm him before he left.

I found a great guide on Gamespot on how to tell which paintings are fake. You can also bring up the art on your phone if you know your arty history.

How To Buy Art From Redd

The first time Jolly Redd visits your island--which will happen the day after Blathers tells you he'd like to expand the museum to include an art wing--he will wander around your island and sell you a piece of art sight-unseen. This piece of art should be legitimate. After that, he will randomly come to visit your island like many of the other special visitors in the game, and you'll be able to enter his boat at the secret beach to the north of your island and inspect the art before you buy it.

Each piece of art, regardless of whether it's genuine or not, costs 4,980 bells. You can only buy one piece of art per day, but you can buy art on friends' islands, and friends can buy art on your island as long as they haven't already bought a piece of art somewhere else that day. This is useful for the occasions when Redd is selling two pieces of legitimate art, which is entirely possible! READ MORE

This Youtubers video is pretty comprehensive about the whole fake painting issue as well so check out his channel.


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