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I say don't show these to your kids, but I saw all of them as a kid and I loved them. Some of them are still my favorites until this day. Some I still torture my husband with making him re-watch them. If you haven't seen them you should.

Dot and the Kangaroo

Dot and the Kangaroo

What should be a cute heartwarming story takes a dark turn when the bunyip story shows up. I'm sure many a little children had nightmares about the bunyip. I on the other hand loved it and wanted to see the bunyip. I'm sure he is just misunderstood. 


When 5-year-old Dot finds herself lost in the Australian bush, a red kangaroo who has lost her joey (baby kangaroo), promises to help Dot find her way home. In the process, the kangaroo introduces Dot to a number of other animals, teaching her a greater appreciation for nature.

Fantasia the Original


I'm talking about the original because I think they removed some scenes from the new version. I understand why they removed some of the scenes, but others I question why. I like this period in Disney history because a lot of their cartoons had a  dark element true to the darkness of the original grim fairy tales they took these stories from. Yes they still changed the endings to happy endings, but at least they had a little scare to them.


Fantastic Planet

Fantastic Planet

This one measures really high on the strange meter but I still find it interesting. It might be too slow a pace for kids and some adults especially with no dialog in the whole movie. At least give it a try maybe you'll see what I see in it.

In the distant future, the gargantuan blue humanoid Draags have brought human beings (who are called Oms as a play on the French word for "man", homme) from Earth to the planet Ygam, where they maintain a technologically and spiritually advanced society. The Draags consider Oms animals, and while they keep some as pets, others live in the wilderness and are periodically slaughtered by the Draags, who wish to control their population. Draags have much longer lifespans than Oms, but reproduce much less. 

The Black Cauldron

The Black Cauldron

It is harder for me to remember the Black Cauldron because it has been so long since I've seen. I do remember not being disappointed. Since I do have Disney plus I probably should give this one another go. I hope they have not changed it any.


The Secret of NIHM

The Secret of NIMH

I still watch this one until this day. If it's on I watch it! I love it and I don't know why people think it is creepy. I think it's very cute. The only sort of scary part is when the mouse visits the owl. I can see how that might scare really young children. So maybe close their eyes during that scene. 


Watership Down

Watership Down

I love the original cartoon of Watership Down. The new Netflix Series is good but they did cut out the more REAL material that the original includes. Can you believe a father used to tell this story to his children as a  bed time story. He decided to make a book out o fit. I'm sure he is glad he did. It's a classic now. There are some violent scenes that some children might disturbed by so watch it yourself before showing Watership Down to them.

 When a young rabbit named Fiver (Richard Briers) has a prophetic vision that the end of his warren is near, he persuades seven other rabbits to leave with him in search of a new home. 

This isn't the whole list. These are the cartoons that came to me today. You may have your own creepy childhood traumatizing cartoons. Please let me know about them so I can be traumatized too.





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