Chapter 4 (Which Used To Be Chapter 5) Millicent's Chapter

We finally get introduced to one of the bad guys, a really bad guy, Millicent. This chapter was one of my favorite chapters to write. Which is why when I decided I was never doing anything with this story I decided to turn this chapter into a story.

Millicent's chapter was originally chapter 5, but now I am changing it to chapter 4 because her events are happening on the same night as the other 3 chapters. Because this chapter is now a short story that I do make a modest amount of money from I'm not going to post it publicly here. You can go to Amazon and get it. If you have Kindle Unlimited you'll be able to get it "free". 

You'll be able to read a bit of it without purchasing it. This chapter introduces Millicent and shows how bad she is so there is nothing important to the plot in this chapter so you will be able to follow the story without it. 

Sorry I can't share this chapter here, but none of the other chapters will be like this and there are about 26 chapters. I've got a long way to go.

For those of you who left reviews on The Monster saying you wished there was more, well, here you go!

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