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Ellie doesn't believe in werewolves. Not at first. But when the mysterious Alexander Thorne moves to town, a series of vicious predator attacks shake her community to its core. As the killings continue, it isn't long before Ellie finds herself at the center of it all.

They said The Seven were the greatest mercenary outfit in all of Dellerin. Respected, loved and feared. It was said that only they could accomplish the impossible, that the gods themselves blessed them. It was also said that only they would be the ones to stand in the darkness's way, but when The Seven disappeared, no warriors halted The Dark One’s emergence and his ruination of the world. Can one book hold more power than ever imagined? Can The Seven fulfil their prophesy?

oe works at a facility that performs human experimentation. His work just followed him home. The government wanted to unlock hidden abilities in the human mind. They put subjects in extreme sensory deprivation. All the test subjects went violently insane. But the research continued. Today it has been perfected. Almost perfected.


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