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This sci fi adventure opens on the crest of a gravity tsunami, when a red dwarf star system punches through the fabric of space-time and barrels toward the Milky Way Galaxy. The Early Warning Centre can only watch helplessly as colonized space braces for impact.

Questions arise. Is it merely a star system? Or, is something else altogether?

The dire situation takes an unforeseen twist in this science fantasy when an SOS transmission from a long-lost experimental starship, The Invictus, is traced to the sole planet orbiting the red dwarf.

Alexandra, Post Office Marshal and living goddess, is in an action-packed race against time when she is conscripted to retrieve either the Invictus itself or, failing that, it’s top-secret data, before the ship is lost to imminent galactic collision, or worse, falls into the wrong hands.

Guest Post By The  Author D.W. Richards

Dear Reader,

Genres of fantasy, occult, the paranormal and sci-fi all require a suspension of disbelief on the part of the reader. In my novella series, “Alexandra Forever 2291”, I ask the reader to embrace the story’s rules on demonic possession, psionics and pretend science. Furthermore, I also ask for them to believe in the superhuman genius of the antagonist. My craft as writer was tasked with showing, and not merely telling of, the great intellect of a character objectively much smarter and far more broadly educated than myself.

To offset this, and help create a story that readers can emotionally invest in, I attempt to make everything else at least plausible. People behaving believably helps as does strictly abiding by the implied in-universe rules. Wherever possible I also adhere to the practical science of how things function in the real world. This all serves to anchor and highlight the fantastic when it comes up.

It was the pursuit of peripheral realism and expansive ideas that led to my research into forward looking science, speculative science and pseudo-science. The Internet is, of course, a marvelous resource, for such inspiration. However, one site in particular stood out – YouTube. I’ve actually built a huge playlist called Sci fi Science. Included in the playlist are episodes from Isaac Author, PBS Space Time and the ThunderboltsProject to name a few. This list was actually a few years in the making.

However, the playlist is not exclusively comprised of science and science-esq videos. There is also an eclectic smattering from all corners of YouTube which delve into philosophy, mathematics, religion, literature and ancient history. Channels such as Academy of Ideas and Timeline – World History Documentaries contributed to the tapestry of thought which gave the breadth and gravitas I needed to relay Dr. Ezera Rising’s evil genius.

All my best,
D.W. Richards

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