#Authors Wanted For Science Fiction and Fantasy Novels at Uproar Books #Bookpublisher

Authors Wanted!

Here's an up and coming publisher you may want to try out if you want to go the traditional route. They have been around since 2018 so this publisher is pretty new. 

Uproar Books is actively seeking science-fiction and fantasy novels with realistic characters in highly imaginative worlds.

We want to see genuine emotion and meaningful struggles. And maybe a dragon or spaceship, too. But mostly the genuine and meaningful stuff.

Here’s what we’re looking for:











Good so far? Excellent!

Uproar Books also insists that all novels be the first book in a planned series of at least three. It’s not that we don’t love standalone novels; it’s just the economics of being a small, independent publisher make it necessary for all of our books to lead to sequels. 

Also, your manuscript must be complete and at least 70,000 words.

We DO accept Young Adult as long as the characters are realistic and complex enough to have crossover appeal to adult audiences. Again, this is an economic necessity despite how much we love traditional YA literature. 

Here’s what we do NOT accept (at this time):

  • Urban Fantasy
  • Superheroes
  • Any book where more than 50% of the action takes place on modern-day Earth (unless it’s in a hidden realm like with that orphaned young wizard everyone is so fond of)

Everything Clear?

If you think your manuscript might be a good fit for Uproar Books, please email the first three chapters or the full manuscript directly to our publisher Rick Lewis at this email address.  

Want to know more about the terms we offer our authors? Click here

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